Join the Titanic Survey Expedition

Participation in the expedition at sea is limited to selected individuals who provide content expertise, technical skills, financial support, or educational outreach including:

Mission Specialists

Mission Specialists are adventurers or explorers who financially support the expedition and join the crew for an 8-day mission at sea, make one submersible dive, and assist the expedition crew in one or more support roles aboard the surface vessel and Cyclops 2 during a dive.



Content Experts

Credentialed or accomplished experts in shipwreck exploration, Titanic history, film making, seafloor mapping, marine biology or technical fields who are selected to provide expertise or equipment necessary to achieve the mission objectives.

Educators and Students

To help fulfill its mission to open the ocean to human exploration, the OceanGate Foundation may sponsor up to two crew postions on each mission for educators and/or students. For program details or to submit an application to join the expedition, please visit: