Crew Roles

A limited number of mission specialist crew positions are available on each mission. As a mission specialist you will join one submersible dive to the wreck site and assist the expedition crew in one or more support roles aboard the dive support ship and aboard Titan during your dive.

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Mission Specialists Roles and Training

Submersible Support

Laser Operation

Conduct laser scans of the shipwreck and debris field.

Photography and Videography

Operate on-board cameras to capture photos and videos of sealife, shipwreck, artifacts and more.


Assist the pilot with sub-to-surface communications.

Observation & Documentation

Help identify undersea objects, conduct species counts and record team’s observations.


Assist the pilot in navigation throughout the dive with sonar and inertial navigation system.

Surface Support

Submersible Service

Participate in servicing the submersible after dive operations.

Communications and Tracking

Assist in Mission Control with ship-to-sub communications and monitoring the sub's position.

Dive Image Analysis

Download, review and process images captured during the dive.

Sonar and Laser Scan Analysis

Conduct a detailed review and analysis of the sonar and laser data to create an image of the wreck based on information captured during the dive.

Dive Planning

Assist in operational dive planning.